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Spicy Mole Dark Balsamic  Vinegar

Spicy Mole Dark Balsamic Vinegar


6 or more $22 Each mix or match

A tasty combination of chile powder with the added combination of traditional molé spices (coffee, light cinnamon, dried chiles, nuts and chocolate). This is not “hot” spicy but “flavor” spicy.

  • Delicious as a stand-alone sauce for chicken, pork or beef.
  • Top your enchiladas or tostadas with this versatile flavor.
  • Add some flavor to Mexican rice or cauliflower rice
  • Pour over omlette.
  • Pairing with Blood Orange EVOO or Chipotle EVOO

*This flavor has chile powder added to the balsamic vinegar so it is recommended to shake the bottles once in a while or a cap can form on the top of the product in the bottle.

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