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Pineapple Habanero Balsamic Soy Sauce

Pineapple Habanero Balsamic Soy Sauce


6 or more $22 Each mix or match

Our own white balsamic vinegar combined with soy sauce and delicious natural flavors makes this a versatile all-around sweet/salty/umami blend for seafood, veggies, pork… this is a great alternative to teriyaki sauce.

It’s so easy to use…

  • Marinade veggies or pretty much any protein
  • Use as a dressing for an Asian slaw or noodle salad
  • Sauté shishito peppers or sugar snap peas
  • Toss into your Chinese fried rice with freshly chopped pineapple for a bit of sweetness
  • Heat in a sauté pan just to point of caramelization to create a delicious sauce
  • Make Asian burgers or meatballs by mixing into ground beef or turkey
  • Let your imagination run wild!

Pineapple Passion with Habanero flavor combines our white balsamic with soy sauce and natural pineapple flavor and some added heat with Habanero Powder.


Ingredients: White balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, natural pineapple flavor and habanero powder.

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